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Merge Pipe Networks Easier

Merge Pipe Networks Easier

I work in Power Delivery as a Underground High-Voltage Designer. We often need to build quick 'dummy' networks for utlitity crossings for our underground duct bank or trenchless designs. Sometimes we build networks 'from object' and click on the feature line utilities from our basemap survey Xref, other times we build the networks manually. Some projects are extreme in length and complexity and involve 500+ pipe xings. I hope for Autodesk developers to implement a user friendly way of merging networks quick.

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Status changed to: Under Review

Thank you for your idea. Are using gravity networks or pressure networks in this workflow? 

I'm asking because there is a MergePipeNetworks command for gravity networks.

Plus, you can connect a gravity pipe from one network and connect it to a structure in another network.

Please let me know whether either of these solve your issue.

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