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You can Mask and Alignment, but you can't Mask a Profile,

Profile Masking should be added.



@doni49, yeah, that's been around a while and not nearly as useful as a ProfileMask (just alike Alignment Mask) would be. AT one time it messed with the fonts in the labels, not sure if that is still the case as I haven't used it in years.





There is an undocumented command in Civil 3D called CONVERTLINEWORKTOMASKBLOCK which does exactly what the command name itself implies. It allows the user to create linework to be used to mask drawing objects. This can come in handy, for instance, when users would like to mask part of a profile. There is not an option in the profile properties for masking as there is for alignments so this command can serve to do that.

This command does not exist anywhere on the ribbon or on any toolbars. Simply type the command into the command line to run it. The command will first prompt the user to select closed polylines. This is important. The polylines need to be closed.

Once the linework is selected, the dialog box shown below will appear.


There is an option to name the new mask, or users can just go with the default name.

Next, there are two options by which objects will be masked. The first option is to automatically mask everything within the masking linework. The second option allows the user to select which objects will be masked.

The images below show the effect of when a design profile is selected to be masked by the masking polyline.


I still would like to see this.


Would be nice if we had a mask tab like alignments and/or have the alignment mask automatically mask the profile(s) of choice.


There's a number of requests for this on the net. ConvertLineworkToMaskBlock works (wipout too) and it's not so bad if you have only a few areas to mask. It's when you need a large number of masks for a number of profiles over miles of alignment that this becomes a real chore drawing unrequired plines and then managing them all with layers and draw orders. 

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