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Mask / Halos on MLeaders

Mask / Halos on MLeaders

The ability to apply a mask to a leader line and landing. We prepare a lot of Maps over Aerial imagery and it would be nice if you could apply a halo mask around the leader lines that blends in with the background mask of the text.


Currently you get a white box around your text and a leader line that you can not see clearly.


I agree 100%.  In the meantime here are a few ways I've dealt with this limitation:


  • Draw a wipeout around the leader.
  • Make the leader WHITE (color #255 which our ctb file is configured to plot as rgb(255,255,255) and a heavier lineweight.  But this doesn't help when the BG image has light areas AND dark areas -- especially when the leader has to cross both areas).
  • Place a Solid hatch below the leader and text (with BG mask turned off) -- set the hatch to light gray but set transparency to 30-50%.  This allows the map to show through but is still masked enough to see the leader and read the text.

I've never heard any negative comments about my plan sheets when using any of these methods.


We have a workaround as well. We add another leader on top of the fist and force the upper leader properties to be pen7 (black) and set a forced width to it. We keep the lower leader set to bylayer so we can control the background color and width through the layers properties. This does not work on the leader landings though, so to get it to work properly, you have to remove the landing, add a vertex and make the landing part of the MLeader line. It seems to work out well, but it's not a simple solution as I'm sure yours is not either, so it would be nice if Autodesk would provide us with more halo options on leaders (better text halo's would be nice to...)


Side Note: To get this to work you have to hold down Ctrl so you can select only one of the two multi leaders in order to force the properties on it.

Not applicable

Has there been any consideration by Autodesk to upgrade Mleader's "lines" to have the capability to change to different layers?

That way you can assign different line weight/colors on the fly to Mleader callouts? (including the ability to apply a transparency value to the "halo" layer.)


(or has Autodesk already implemented something similar?)

Has annoyed me for years.


Similar Idea here. Vote it up if you ahvent already!




I've been using an annotative dynamic block that consists of a wipeout offset from the arrow and first leg of a regular mleader.  It has a double polar stretch, and it works okay.  Just a hassle to keep up with them.

But YES it would be so nice to have a native mleader with settable halo properties!


This should include point drag state leaders.

Maybe I'll have to start another idea for that one...

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