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Map crosses

Map crosses


Map crosses? Layout coords and crosses? Elevation poles?

As you well know Civil3d has broken some boundaries in terms what it was used for, and what it's uses are now. You have the geotech module, rivers, flood analisys..

MAPS - professional maps have crosses with coords. That goes for model and layout. That way, no matter how you output the map, someone can georeference it and use it. Really use it.

If you can make a self-rotating north arrow, why don't we have this?

ELEVATION POLES - I'm yet to see an elevation pole (talking about profile and section view) that's just a line with dashes.




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This seems to be more of a cartography request rather than a civil request. Coordinate crosses could actually be added to base AutoCAD. 

Civil 3D is built on and includes AutoCAD Map 3D.


The Map 3d Reference Grid capabilities might be of use. (I have not tried this)

Civil 3D - To Add a Reference Grid to a Map


Map 3D may have other useful capabilities.


I am sure that you have found work arounds, like arrays of labels, etc.


I am not sure what you are asking for regarding Elevations Poles. Project blocks to profiles, might be a work around.

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