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Map 3D FDO-connected files as an XREF?

Map 3D FDO-connected files as an XREF?



Please consider voting for the capability to allow for a dwg with "live" Map 3D FDO-connected GIS data to be displayed correctly as an XREF in production sheets in Civil 3D.  I am not sure why this is not an option currently.  There are countless examples why you would want a single dwg to query geospatial data and attach that as an XREF to multiple plan set drawings that have a need to show the same data (i.e., Parcel lines, tree inventory, PIN #...the list goes on and on).  Whereas for some reason, the current workflow requires discrete FDO connections in every single drawing you want to show the GIS queried data.  Totally inefficient.  



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This has been an intermittent issue since the birth of FDO Work arounds are not acceptable .. If a dwg with FDO connections is XREFed into a host dwg and or used with sheet set manager the Map features do not display at all.

Xref and SSM are both vanilla Autocad features, don't expect Map3D features like FDO to work with them. If you want the same data displayed in multiple dwgs/maps then save  [from] the FDO connection to a layer (.layer) file and drag/drop it into any dwg that you want it in the same as a xref. That's the method designed to work with Map3D.


@tinklesaterfieldson15 yes I agree and thanks, but I see no reason why they can’t allow FDO connections to be displayed when XREFing a drawing into a sheet.  Map3D is just a vertical (like Civil 3D) to AuotCAD and additionally Autodesk promotes 3-level drawing management /hierarchy in sheet set production, so this “issue” should be addressed.  As you can see though, not much traction here from user base or Autodesk.  The .layer method is the only option unless you do everything in the FDO connection dwg.  

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