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Manual Superelevation Critical Station linked to a Surface and offset.

Manual Superelevation Critical Station linked to a Surface and offset.

When I have 2 regions in the same BaseLine and the first region all its subassemblies are using an elevation target to get the slope, I add a manual superelevation critical station in the station between 2 Regions.


However, I have to update every data of this manual superelevation critical station, basically for the "left outside lane" and "right outside lane".


I would like that this process was dynamic, so when I added a "user superelevation critical station", I were able to set the superelevation for "left outside lane", from:


choosen surface and offset distance from the BaseLine. (in this case, the offset distance would be -1 meter because I want the left outside lane).



This way, if we use a setup corridor and we get a corridor surface (top), we could use this surface to update the superelevation of that manual superelevation critical station.



Right now, I cannot do this in the same corridor because I cannot share some calculated value from the previous Region to the next Region.


 I have my own custom subassemblies with offset target and surface target to calculate the slope and use this value as output parameter but I can just share this value in the same assembly.



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And I would like to link the station of a manual superelevation critical station to a start station of a Corridor Region.


So, if I change the start station of that Region, then the station of the superelevation critical station is updated automatically.



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