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Managing Structure and Pipe Styles

Managing Structure and Pipe Styles

I am looking to organize my company's structure and pipe styles. Is there a way to have drop down trees created within these styles similarly to the parent/child relationship with label styles? 


For example I have 23 pipe styles that I am looking to organize with 4 parents. This would allow my design staff to be guided through the selection process.

If there is a recommended best practice for managing these styles that would be greatly appreciated.

If this is not a feature is there a way update CAD do so? In the least add it to a wish list for future projects? I have seen this requested in forums going back to 2012. Additionally a drag and drop option would amazing for managing the structure/pipe styles and label styles.




Colton Johnson


Why do you have so many pipe styles rather than pipes in the catalog?


Hi Matt,


I just started at a new company and have been tasked with cleaning up their C3D templates, so I am still learning the rhyme and reasoning. 


Could you explain how this would look or a few screen shots? 



@cjohnsonDKRCDsent you a PM.

Status changed to: Under Review

Hi @cjohnsonDKRCD ,

Thank you for your idea -- we'll do some research on this suggestion. In the interim, have you experimented with managing styles using reference templates? While it's not exactly what you describe, it might be a way to make managing styles a little easier.

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