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On a Surveyor View of the programm I would say that we should make a revolution of the programm making it smarter. Everything that we draw, all the lines etc. they are passing through from points but they are not connected to the point, so every time we change something to the poing group we have to change manually all the lines

only the topolines have a connection with the point XYH, why not making all the lines that are depended to a point (mostlly from a GPS) to be connected with it?

Every time we draw a line with the osnap connected to note, the line should be deppented to this point (as the surface does)



I bet @Civil3DReminders_com would want to vote for this.

The poster is describing what the survey database does. If they don't use the Survey Database today, I doubt they will want to put in the setup work when it's recoded and rebranded as "BIM" Survey. Heck, they are describing what most modern data collectors do.


The poster should be coding in the field correctly (or once back in the office) and then importing the data into the drawing. If a survey database point changes that is connected to a Survey Figure, the survey figure will then be updated when reprocessed. 


The poster is using the word BIM like Autodesk does, a meaningless term. BIM is turning into a magic elixir word that will solve all of your problems but really doesn't do anything.


So no vote for me, and if there was a downvote I'd use all my accounts to downvote this idea because Civil 3D has already solved this "BIM" problem.



I am sorry but you loose something over here

The update of the Survey Database is only applied for the points that being inserted from a Survey Figure (in other words from a total station) in which you must had the right key descriptions.


But what about the GPS collection points??? What if you do not have the right descriptions???  

There lots lots of people out there that do not work with key descriptions (or the machine they had does not)

Most of the surveyors around the world work with the old fashion way, collect the data, import and just draw the lines.


My whole idea is considering all those people and the GPS imports.

That’s why I am telling “Every time we draw a line with the osnap connected to note, the line should be depended to this point (as the surface does)”.  Because we usually do many things after the just import of the points.

And after we finalize the correction of the whole system we may want to re-import the collected points with its final cords.

So your asking Autodesk to develop a program for people who don't want to use new technology or new methodologies? It sounds like you have a people problem (who don't want to follow new workflows) and not a technology problem. 


There are products available that already making connecting the dots easier in Civil 3D (and outside), if you don't like Autodesk's approach:

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