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Make that new function "Insert Points at Crossing Location" function work in null sites

Make that new function "Insert Points at Crossing Location" function work in null sites

I found out after making a support request, that the new function "Insert Points at Crossing Location" function (last icon on the "Edit Geometry" section on the "Modify" tab), only works on feature lines in the same site.  It does NOT however, work in the site-less feature lines, which I generally prefer to use for drawing stability.  Please make it so that that function also works for "site-less" feature lines.  Thanks.


Hi @dblanchard,


By design, the FeatureLineCrossing command does not work for siteless feature lines. 


For siteless feature lines that intersect with each other, which elevation should be assigned for the crossing point?

The current logic is feature lines in <None> site do not generate a crossing (the grey triangle in elevation editor) automatically and get the elevation assigned for the crossing following the priority of the feature line styles. We want to be cautious about changing that logic for FeatureLineCrossing because it would be not consistent with other cases and be a bit confusing.



I hadn't thought of that, Tim.  Just because I do things a certain way, doesn't mean that it can't cause corruption and confusion with others.  I can just move the items to a site, then move them back afterwards (or not).  @TimYarris, consider my idea as rescinded, please.



Status changed to: Archived

Idea rescinded per submitter.

Thanks for the feedback, @dblanchard!

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