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Make background masking follow the length of each line of text

Make background masking follow the length of each line of text

Revise background masking in dragged state labels, and in Mtext and Mleader objects so that masking follows the length of each line of text.
ie. if the top line of text is twice as long as the second line, the masking for the second line stops where the text does.
Also would be nice to be able to toggle mtext masking on and off without having to enter the dialog where background color is set. I always use a border offset factor of 1.2 and check the box to "use drawing background color" so these settings could be set to stick using a variable. Add masking as a choice on the context sensitive right click shortcut menu.


I'd like to be able to set masking as a default.  Most of the mtext I use is for plan notes that almost always cover something.  I've set all C3D labels to have masking with 0.0 gap so that they are always readable.


Ever try the BMASK lsp by LeeMac. It is a start to masking without entering the properties dialog.


Several years ago I rewrote the TEXTMASK (Express Tools) to do exactly what you're suggesting for masking individual lines. It would explode the selected mtext, WIPEOUT the individual lines of text then erase that text, recreate the mtext, group all of it together. If the mtext was connected to a leader, it would reconnect them together with QLATTACH.


As AutoCAD evolved the wipeouts became problematic with PDFs and I just quit using the updated code.


This is a long overdue update to background masking.



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