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Make an Ideas page for regular AutoCAD.

Make an Ideas page for regular AutoCAD.

Autodesk has an Ideas category for all the sub-products of AutoCAD, but not for AutoCAD.


Make one for AutoCAD please.


Existing Autodesk Ideas Categories:




I agree. This is pretty much a duplicate of my post from 05-19-2017. Please consider voting that post up.w (10 so far): Create an-AutoCAD Ideas Page



Yeah, thanks for pointing it out. The search functions is not that god and I did not want to scroll through 15 pages of 5 different forums.


It awkward enough trying to figure out in which of the 5 wrong forums to post this. This seems like a purposeful and confusing oversight, like they gave up on regular CAD users as if there was nothing left to improve.

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