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Make ALL types of label/style editors WYSIWYG

Make ALL types of label/style editors WYSIWYG

I would love to see Autodesk overhaul their label style composers and structures so they can work backwards in a WYSIWYG fashion.  Just like you can manually create a linetype by laying out text, shape, block and line entities and "reverse engineering" a linetype definition we should have the same functionality available for all types of labels.  Microsoft has this with their formatting styles in Office, for example.  You can highlight your text, right click a style on the ribbon and select "Modify this style to match selection".  So why can't Autocad go that route??



Current label setup pros/cons:

PRO - Style composer is extremely consistent across the board, providing familarity.

PRO - Lots of great features with plan readability, annotative scales, dynamic block integrations etc.

PRO - Dragged state features very useful (except that giant gap between text lines).


CON - Style composer structure is essentially a painful excel spreadsheet format with multiple tabs and countless risks.

CON - Requires rounds of experimenting to see if adjustments result in the desired change or need more adjustment.

CON - Preview box is absolutely worthless.

CON - Nearly every characteristic that can be customized in any given entity/style is unique to only that style, meaning a survey standard of ~20 point label styles for various utility symbols, planting, trees, signs etc. could be setup to automatically import and scale blocks, set layers and so forth, but if you change your standard text size you need to do it 20 times to remain consistent.


In addition to being able to "reverse" set a style standard by using the traits of a given selected object, a WYSIWYG editor should understand "smart" terms like font styles & features, layer names etc. so it can recognize when a user might adjust a setting and be unaware of the impact that causes on existing labels, or inconsistency with a given cad standard etc.  Most importantly it should simply let you assemble a set of mleaders, blocks, text, etc from an organized drag & drop menu with real-time live adjustments to the display sample to reflect the impact of your adjustments.


This ended up more wordy than I intended so I'll give up on the ranting but I hope others understand my intention...




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Went through that today. Everything looked good in preview but I had to keep closing the dialog boxes each time to see what it actually looked like in the drawing. Even having Apply actually update the drawing would be a little better.

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