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Make all objects dynamic.

Make all objects dynamic.

Make all civil 3d objects dynamic.

When i attach a cogo point elev. to a surface and the surface change i want the point el. to change.

When i project a point or something else in a profile or a section, if the object change i want the profile or section to change automatically.

Give also the ability to lock profiles in projected objects.

Make also feature lines dynamic. Keep the relationship after the creation.

If i draw a stepped offset FL and then another stepped offset from the second if i change something to the first FL make the second to follow the change.

In general store relationships than absolute values.



Yes. But i think every object in civil 3d should have dynamic constrains. Every every object.

Not only cogo. Feature lines creation is most important i think.

But i think all objects should.

And after that increase the existing constrains.

I don't think its too hard.

Many add on doing same of these already.


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