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Make AEC Objects compatible with Partial Open

Make AEC Objects compatible with Partial Open

Partial Open is a great tool to help in the recovery of damaged drawings. If it would work with Civil 3D objects we would have another tool in drawing recovery.


Sounds good. I've never used Partial Open, never knew what it was for.


I can see some possible problems.  As it should ignore content on layers not loaded ("partial" load - i.e. load some objects but not others), this may have consequences with the highly inter-related data in Civil3D.


I would respectfully posit that that is precisely the problem, @dgorsman.


Regardless of where the project data is stored - internally to DWG or externally (MMS, etc) - the highly inter-related data in Civil 3D *should* be supported by a mechanism that allows only the data which has actually been updated (Surfaces, etc) to be synchronized even were the user to enable auto-sync functionality.


Endlessly synchronizing all Civil 3D data just because a drawing has been opened - even when the data contained within the opening drawing has been saved _after_ the data sources were last saved - is an unappreciated productivity killer and misuse of our otherwise billable time and resources.


Further, with the advent of Feature Lines able to be relative to another Surface, if the existing Surface a Feature Line is relative to is changed and saved, and a sheet drawing that hosts the proposed Surface relatively-dependent on that existing Surface has not been opened, rebuilt and saved, then is the sheet isn't even truly 'dynamic' as advertised...Is it?


User should instead be able to open any drawing quickly as if DREFs were Blocks, and those should only be updated when user has either enabled auto-sync or manually 'reloaded' the DREFs (the way Land Desktop could query external DB).


Were AutoCAD products capable of utilizing the resources available a modern workstation (and there are legitimate reasons it cannot; not trying to get into those specifics here), then perhaps the auto-sync functionality we have today might not impose the myriad problems that it does.




@dgorsman WROTE: "this may have consequences with the highly inter-related data in Civil3D"


Yes. I could. But often half a loaf is better than none. The standard recovery methods should be tried first. But as a last ditch effort to recover something. Partial Open was quite handy back in the Land Desktop days.

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