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Lower multiple storm pipe elevation at one time

Lower multiple storm pipe elevation at one time

Lowering or raising pipe networks is time consuming and should be a single step input not having to do each one separately. And not having to buy addon programs to do it that Autodesk should have in the program.

Or better yet just drag and drop selecting the pipes on the profile to the adjusted elevation. Whats so hard about that when other programs do it. Please help us civil engineers out to save tons of time.



If you want to raise/lower a group of pipes by the same increment, why not selecting and Move them by using Displacement on the z axis only?

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@santhoulakis the issue with that is that the grips will not drag up the joining pipes. So if you say elevate multiple pipes by .2', you'll now have a 0.2' drop at your adjoining pipes.


to add to this, Civil 3D NEEDS to have a "stringline" ability to set the grade of multiple pipes at a time as well....

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