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Lock line label positions on parcels and polylines

Lock line label positions on parcels and polylines

If a user needs to add a segment or vertex to a ployline or parcel that has been labelled, and the default position of the lables have been changed, all of the subsequent labels along the line shift position.


As an example, if there was a 5 segment polyline with labels for segements A, B, C, D and E and segment C had been dragged off line, then a new vertex was added between A and B, (call it A1) the dragged state of segment C now shifts to Segment B and segment E has no label. See attached screenshots for reference.

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Yes, yes yes, yes, yes!

One word: featurelines! The current situation with labels is a timewasting nightmare. We need to be able to add and remove PIs wihtout worrying about all our labels being in the wrong place.

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