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Lock/freeze surface operations order

Lock/freeze surface operations order

Allow locking the order of surface operations.


Many times I make a boundary and add data after. When the boundary goes up in the list and then doesn't impact the breaklines or points added afterwards.


The same with a raise/lower command. I put it at the end, then make edits by adding breaklines, points, surfaces, etc. It moves up the list and then I have to move it down.





I agree 100%.  I think I would make it so that you could "lock relative to" a different edit or just relative to the last edit.  This way if you have TWO edits that you want to be last (and next-to-last), you can do that too.


For example, want the add boundary to be last and the raise/lower to be just before the boundary.


or , for starters, to be able to set a boundary to stay as the last edit to a surface definition...


Has this ever been addressed?  I too have this problem.  Creation of a good looking surface is an exercise in trial and error.  Once a surface is created, I have to tweak it to make it look right.  This usually means the addition of (often) hundreds of breaklines.  I have to remember to move the boundary to the bottom of the list every time I add a breakline.  It would be so much better if I could make the boundary the permanent last operation.


In building a surface it's not unusual to have a decent surface built, then make revisions to it. Typically, in my work, I want the Outer Boundary to be the last thing applied to a surface. However, if the boundary exists before editing is done, it can end up somewhere in the middle of the list of operations, and new feature lines can cause grading outside of the surface boundary. I can use the up-down arrows to move it in the list, but if there was an option to pin the "Add boundary" operation to the end of the list I think I would use it often. There may be cases where it'd be beneficial to pin an operation to the front of the list as well.

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