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Local road medians suggestion

Local road medians suggestion

OK, so for a long time we have had a median subassembly that as long as it was parallel to the baseline, it was fine. When you get to the ends, you can either create a separate baseline/profile/assy or define a curb return type alignment that uses the corridor surface itself as a prof and merge the 2 surfaces together.


Wouldn't it be great if we could just make a better median? I've been using the roundabout recently. Changing geometry, defining cross slopes, etc. is very easy to do and it can include all those baselines in a single corridor. 


So here's how we could make a better median - use the roundabout idea. But instead of the central core as a circle, use a 2d poly to "shape" the center island. 


This sort of came to me when ideas on a roundabout were discussed where it was desired to not use a circle but maybe an ellipse or a "tank shape" (2 half circles with parallel sides). This tank shape made me think of a median.


Anyway, even if it's not this specific execution, we certainly need a better median option...




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