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Link between adjacent profiles

Link between adjacent profiles

It's a must have to be able to link a profile to a adjacent profile over a specified station range with a height difference or grade. For example to link the profile of a side road tot the main road, or different lanes in a highway design project.


This is similar to Sincpac dynamic profile Links:

And it has been partly suggested by ceethreedee in this idea:


This can be done with an intersection. Don't make any quadrants, just the intersection itself will lock the profiles.

But I agree that this is a clunky method which could certainly be improved.


This is also easily accomplished with Section 3D add-on. I've used it for years to design railways with multiple parallel base alignments and control alignments for ditches, grading, retaining walls, and utilities. So much easier than subassemblies but same corridor model. Output options are also preferred by contractors.

You can also create a reference plane corridor... then use the surface profiles as the design profiles.. But still its kind of crap..


Partial parameter referencing should be available straight OOTB. 


link to my post here.. vote it up..



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