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Linetype scale through layer & linetype manager *AutoCAD Basic & Verticals*

Linetype scale through layer & linetype manager *AutoCAD Basic & Verticals*

If at all possible it would be great if you could set a global linetype scale based either on the linetype used, or on the layer used.

The first would require an extra option in the linetype manager, and would change all instances of that linetype to the determined scale.

The options available now only allow to do this globally for all linetypes. This option would single out one linetype only. The linetype manager scale would preclude the linetype scale set by the layer manager (see under) and the object properties. Which means that any scaling done on that level is multiplied with the linetype scale setting on the linetype manager level.

In case a user wants to use the same linetype in different scales, he would either have to make a new linetype (a copy of the other one) with a different name and load that one as well, or change the object or layer linetype scale.

The second part of this suggestion is a linetype scale setting in the layer manager. Similar to the above, this would affect all objects in that layer, but this time irrespective of their linetype. Again to avoid recurrent scale settings, the layer manager linetype scale setting would only take effect if an object's linetype scale property is set 'By Layer'.

On the one hand this can help reduce linetype libraries full of redundant linetypes in different scales. On the other hand it allows for more visual configuration control for the user using standards and templates. 

I realize this is an AutoCad Basic Idea, but since there is no section for AutoCad Basic, and this idea would also apply to the verticals I have decided to post it here.

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Dutch (NL)  We use line types for pavement markings. Symilar to US 3,3,3 etc.  It would be so nice that linetypes had a toggle for scalable/nonscalable.

In a viewport you want to recognize centre line in all sclaes but you don't want pavement markings bigger or smaller according to viewport scale.




Maybe what would solve this on a basic level, would be the annotation scale toggle for the layer. So for the pavement markings, since they are 1:1 we would need to just toggle the annotation visibility for those layers off, kinda of a PSLTSCALE set to 0 for those layers. Microstation can do it.

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