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Lighten up the precision of the program

Lighten up the precision of the program


It would be advantageous to our company, & I'm sure many alike, to be able to adjust the precision at which the program reads/processes data.  We've been bitten more than once when the precision of one entity is 0.0000001 off from what it should be.  (For instance a sample line & a frequency for that sample line.)  We'd like to set the working precision for the program to a lesser value, 4 or en 2 decimals depending on what we're working with at the time.  In other words increase the tolerances of data input & picked points.


We teach to always key in stations because we've been burned numerous times for picking (with the mouse, osnap on, in model space) a station rather then keying it in.  Reason being the "picked" point is accounted for out to .00000001 for accuracy.  When our data & all annotation are calculated & keyed in or rounded to preferably .01 or .001. This overly accurate variance results in a bad cross section EVERY time!!  It's caused literally hours of frustration checking & rechecking stations, elevations, calculations, only to have to change the precision of any/all labels to check these precisions out to 8 decimals & only then see the error.  We've lost many hours on projects with new users hunting this down.  


Maybe I've missed a setting somewhere, & if so please share!  My suggestion is to develop a way to adjust the accuracy/precision in which the "picked" point only recognize .01.  Also, a tolerance in the corridor frequencies might help the situation, so that if a sample line is on 200+00.00 & the corridor frequency at 200+00.00001, the sample line may recognize this frequency because it is within XX' of the sample line station.

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Another example of the tolerance is when feature lines or parcel segments cross. It would be nice to have a tolerance value to allow the segments not be created.


Parcel Segment Example:

Since legal descriptions are taken from 6 digit geometry and saved to 2 digits this can create problems where curves and lines that were not crossing in the original survey are now crossing at a small amount. this image exaggerates things but the original situation had an overlap like this of 0.005'. This does round up to 0.01, but in actuality, the user probably doesn't want the two extra parcel segments. It would be nice to say if the parcel segments created are less than 0.009 they shouldn't be created. 


Feature Lines

Sometimes the world isn't square or parking lot elements aren't square to each other. When arcs and curves come together they may overlap a small amount. This creates an elevation point that is not needed or wanted. It just seems to get in the way. Providing a tolerance value for when elevation points are created would help alleviate this problem.

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