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Legend builders from point description key code, key codes and linetypes

Legend builders from point description key code, key codes and linetypes

A symbol legend builder tool would be great. It could build a list based off of matching description key codes in a drawing and the symbols used by the corresponding point label styles.


An abbreviation legend builder could work similarly, matching a table of pre-defined abbreviations with active description key codes in the drawing.


A line-type legend builder could work based off of the line-types currently used in the drawing.





I know someone who managed to write a routine for this. I now work elsewhere and would love to have it back. I haven't figured out how to successfully recreate the routine unfortunately... would love to see it just built in to the software.


I have one i wrote that reads any text/mtext, and full descriptions of cogo points. Working on adding ability to read figure line styles as I build an Auto labeler for linework  (I have an autolabeler for 3d/2d polylines based on layer and drawing scale, but we're switching to figure lines). Also working on detecting certain blocks, and used linetypes, that will insert those in the legend.

It also detects if your abbreviation matches part of another larger abbreviation and won't add if the smaller text detected is part of a larger abbreviation.  It's very easy to edit with all the legend detecting abbreviations at the beginning in a list (written in LISP). If you're interested i can send you my working version.


These tools (Symbol & Linetype Legends) have been added to C3DTools, existing users run Check for Updates.

More details (and examples) on the DotSoft Forum post.


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