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Layer of a block in a label style when x-reffed

Layer of a block in a label style when x-reffed


  1. Put a block into a label style in drawing A. Add the label to something in the drawing. Save.
  2. Open drawing B, X-ref drawing A.
  3. Make any layer current other than layer 0 (zero).
  4. Regneall.

All your blocks in labels in drawing A now display on the current layer of drawing B. This is not desirable. Not even slightly!

When it comes to plotting, these blocks take on all properties of the current layer. (Lineweight, plot/no-plot setting etc.) So it has happened that all the labels are missing from a plot, because it was plotted with the current layer on a no-plot setting.


I currently work with this issue by putting this line in my acaddoc.lsp: (SETVAR "CLAYER" "0") So if I open a drawing and plot immediately, 0 will be current and it will plot correctly.

This does not solve the issue. If I've been working in a drawing for a while I have to remember to make layer zero current and regenall before I plot.


Please fix this! An x-reffed label (including an embedded block in a label) should display as set in drawing A, with no reference to the current layer in drawing B!


Apparantly this problem was being worked on in 2010, but has not yet been solved. Must be a difficult one.


this sounds like one of my pet peaves.  Alignments Xref'd into other drawings will change.  The station ticks will go to a different color that plots very bold.  I tell users to reattach the file.  It forced a workflow where we keep alignment file clean of data.  Alignments are by themselves for the most part.  So you don't have to worry about all the layers...

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