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LandXML | Import + Update

LandXML | Import + Update

Unlike most Labels, Profile Views are not able to change the Alignment + Profile they reference.


This makes it necessary to import LandXML in order to get an overall design's Alignment & Profile changes into a sub-phase's drawings (which require further adjustment, so DREF is out).


If we could change the Alignment + Profile referenced at the Profile View level, we could just rename the outdated parent objects, DREF the revised data, change the Profile Views to reference the new data, then delete the renamed originals & Promote the DREFs accordingly.


Instead, by limiting us to importing the LandXML, events panorama says it detects the conflict and updates the Alignments... Which proceeds to destroy all of the Profile Views rather than actually 'updating' the Alignments + Profiles within the Profile Views.


Needless to say, this is less than helpful... It's faster to just XREF the overall and manually add/remove PVIs, etc to effectively 'trace' the necessary changes, which is kind of ridiculous considering how long Civil 3D's been around.

So here are some steps Autodesk might take to fix this:


1. Fix this - LandXML imports resulting in 'updating' should actually update the objects dependent on them and not just 'delete + replace' the objects being updated.


2. If you're willing to make Profile Views capable of changing Alignment + Profile Properties that would be amazing as well, but I should think that fixing/completing the 'updating' functionality should suffice for now.


3. What? Your boss said they're not going to fix this? You tell them I said they should do 50 burpees (Google it) to make up for this, yelling "BlackBox is awesome!" on every repetition's final jump in front of their entire team (streaming the video to other offices as needed, then post the recording on YouTube).

4. Laugh out loud, because you know that's funny. Haha

5. Yes, step 3 is entirely optional, but you know your boss would be better for it, if they could actually do them.

6. Now recognize that my making you laugh helped you have a slightly better day, and kindly return the favor by helping me get this fixed, please. 

7. If your boss does do step 3, I'll buy them and the Autodesker assigned to this a frosty brew ~ Cheers



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I wonder how can i update existing fields for existing CR(issues) importing a CSV ? I dont want to import. i just want to update exisiting issues/CRs



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