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LandXML Import - Consider the pipe material

LandXML Import - Consider the pipe material

If you import a landxml with a pipe network, Civil 3D takes always the first material of the component list and not the material of the  Landxml entry.

You can  use a compponent list of your choice, your own or the complete catalogue etc. 

An improvement would be that "landxml-material" is recognized and translated in a Civil 3D pipe material. Furthermore there should be a warning that the "landxml-material" is not in the civil 3D component list. And there is only the common field "description" for the material and the size of the pipe.


This behaviour is known by the autodesk support.

Status changed to: Under Review

Thank you for your idea. The development team will review the idea while customers continue to add feedback and vote on it.


Thanks Tim best regards, Eric


I support this idea! The problem is also known to me and our customers. A correct "translation" would be desirable.


Eric - What is generating the LandXML content you want to import into Civil 3D?  The catalog concept needs to be reexamined, especially in light of tools like InfoDrainage and Bentley ORD DU.


Matt - we`d like to use the landxml import to transform our GIS Data from Map 3D (GEOBOX Solutions ) for example into a civil 3D waste water model. At the moment w euse the landxml import and dynamo scripts but if there is the information of the material in Map3D and in the LandXML it should be also in Civil 3D. 


The problem is that the OOTB catalog for pipes is organized by material, but material is only a shared property that can be set optionally.

Take the first Circular pipe:  AeccCircularCMPipe_Imperial, which describes the catalog entry as "Corrugated Metal Pipe." Still, the Material table is not set on the actual pipe since Material is a shared property for which the Material list in the OOTB catalog only has "Corrugated Steel".


I think you want a generic pipe that carries attributes as GIS can.   The catalog stands in your way.

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