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LAck of information on the surface "definition" tab

LAck of information on the surface "definition" tab



I would like to point out, that the Parameters section of the surface tab "definition" lacks sufficient info for the user to distinguish between several operations on surfaces.


When i use the "paste surface command" - everything looks fine. I can see the name of the originating surface and also the name of the pasting surface.

Also, when i use raise / lower surface, the parameter (distance is shown).


Other operations seem to lack vital information.


Kriging Smoothing

Nearest neighbour smoothing



and many more....


I would suggest, that the "parameters" section would show info about which Kriging method the surface is subjected to, or at least the possibility to edit the name of the operation for easy future reference.



Nils Berthelsen

Civil 3D user / Denmark.


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