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Label Property Set Data for ALL objects (not just C3D objects)

Label Property Set Data for ALL objects (not just C3D objects)

It's been a great enhancement to have Property Set Data for objects, and to use it in labels, but it does fall short in only being able to label Civil 3D objects that have that PS data. We have labels for lines and curves, but we can't use the PS data assigned to those lines and curves. I would really like to be able to do so. To make it really simple: If we can label something, we should have any PS data available to the label.

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My primary example would be my building and finished floor label. The building is a pline, and the label pulls the area and references the surface elevation to put it all together in one label. I can't use fields for the finished floor. I'd like to use the PS data to assign extra info to the pline (ie, floors, building number/name, etc) so that i don't have to override the label text just to add some unique info per building.

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