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Label Pipe Networks In Multiple Section Views

Label Pipe Networks In Multiple Section Views

Please add the ability to label an entire Gravity Pipe Network, in ALL Section Views, rather than one Section View at a time.


The _AeccAddNetworkSectLabels commmand currently only labels Pipe Network parts within a single Section View which is very inefficient.


This is also an issue for Profile Views -

One cannot even setup a 'template' Profile View with all parts (entire networks?) labeled with desired Styles, place respective labels on applicable layers, and then copy the Profile View... The labels aren't copied at all, just the parts, which is dumb.

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Without this capability C3D took a step back from the Pipes program in the old Land Desktop 2005 version, which we still use.  What was Autodesk thinking when they gave pipe networks such a low priority?  Surely they know streets have pipes running below them.  What is the use of a CIVIL software program that can't efficiently model a vital and key part of the CIVIL infrastructure that is out there?? 




This seems very odd that it is not how it functions. All the help documentation seems to indicate that the command should label ALL parts of that network in ALL sections. Sent this to my coworkers for some fresh support.


Agreed! Civil 3D should be saving us time on at least the most mundane of tasks.  I think this falls under that category.  Would love to see this enhancement.  

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