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Label control of profiles

Label control of profiles

When I create a design profile and add the automatic labels like linear footage over percent grade I would like to be able to move these labels around a little more freely. Right now all that seems to be available is, edit text, filp label, or set the visibility. Would be great if the labels had grips to slide grade breaks up and down with a line to the anchor point that would automatically adjust in length without having to do a work around, and would be great to be able to have a grip for the linear footage over percent grade where I could slide the label along the profile to the desired postition.


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It's 2022 and there has been no improvement on this yet.  At a minimum, I would just like to be able to slide a profile line label along the line without invoking the dragged state like I can with a pipe label, but there are so many other things that can be improved as well.


Somewhat similar idea:


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