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knowing how big is the Corridor

knowing how big is the Corridor

Today I have got serious problems with a corridor because I had to generate solid 3D from corridor and the file was very heavy.

I have had to edit the Corridor frequency to get a suitable weight of file.


In my opinion, after the corridor calculates there should be a notification on the task bar, for example, about the total number of cross sections calculated. How many stations have been involved

When we use offset and elevation targets and polylines have a lot of vertex or the profile (of the BaseLine) is a surface profile with a lot of vertex, when need a may to know how heavy is it.



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@joantopo , would a Statistics tab in the Corridor Properties dialog box resolve this issue? This would be consistent with the way other Civil 3D objects report the data that makes up the object.


Exactly @TimYarris 

well thought!!

Yes, a statistics tab for Corridor would be great!


Maybe the information could be:

- total of regions (for each BaseLine)

- Number of stations calculated (in all the corridor)

- Number of links calculated (in all the corridor)

- Number of points calculated.

- Number of shapes created.





even you could specifiy the stations calculated with more information according to:

- involed in additional stations.

- involved in a singular points of the profile

- involved in frequency (of line, arcs or spirals)

- involved in offset target

- involved in elevation target  (*if the same entity is assigned as offset and elevation target then it is computed just one time, in this case as elevation target not as offset target).


Finally, the sum of all of them. 


@joantopo , while it does not completely satisfy the requirement of having all Corridor Statistics, you might want to check Project Explorer. On the Corridor tab, you are able to see many of the parameters you mentioned, such as:

  • baselines
  • surfaces
  • slope patterns
  • property sets
  • stations
  • feature lines
  • etc.

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