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Keep toolspace expanded when switching between drawings

Keep toolspace expanded when switching between drawings

I find it always annoying when I work with multiple drawings and each time i switch between them, my toolspace collapses to it's starting position and all previously expanded items are collapsed again. For instance if you expand your alignment item in prospector tab, then go to particular alignment, then to particular profile etc... and suddenly go to another drawing and then return to your drawing, you find toolspace collapsed and you have to do same steps again. Wouldn't it be nice if toolspace  would remain as we left it?

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I modify styles on the fly from time to time and, if it's just a few styles, I got to the settings tab and drag them into other drawings or my template for future use.  When doing this though, the settings tab always resizes and resets back to the open drawing so I must then go back and navigate again through the other drawing to find my next style.  It would be nice if, after you drag a style, the settings tab remains put and doesn't change.  

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