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Intersection option for Tee-section or Four-way or Profile option of showing

Intersection option for Tee-section or Four-way or Profile option of showing

So I have a link here and it shows my plight on the profiles vs intersection, if I have a profile and end it at a road centerline, I can not see the Pipes, structures, apparatus, fitting, etc. on the profile if they are on the other side of the road. this is essential if I want to show the reviewers how I am connecting a water line or how the pipe or structures is placed if the alignment stops on the other roads centerline, the link shows in the second part my technique on working around this and I extend the alignment 50 past the road center line, re number the station so the intersection is 0+00, and mask the first 50' this will give me good data but the issues is that the intersection tool will recognize this as a four-way section, simple idea, since there is an option to select the main road when keeping the crown of a road, is it too much to ask for another option that ask if this is a tee or a four-way and if a tee which side of the main road?

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I've had issues in the past with the intersection tool and haven't looked at it in a while.  I have taken to extending my alignments beyond intersections as well, typically across the road allowance.


Intersection.pngI have taken a slightly different approach (read that as "workaround") to the issue you describe by setting assemblies for the through street to show only the full asphalt width and one-side boulevard, see image at left, and then I will use feature lines connecting the corridor at the roundings once I'm satisfied with my profiles.  I wait because these feature lines won't auto-update like a real corridor would.

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