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Inteligent autosave

Inteligent autosave

It would be great if the autosave function acts more intelligent.

Sometimes during an running a command autosave kick's in and crashes the system.

Many people I know turn off autosave because it causes crashes, if people do things like that, the function works not good enough in my opinion.

In the ideal world autosave need to run only if there is no command active, or at least at smart moments; not while I'm making a (large) selection of objects, for example.



It would be interesting if dwg were saved in real time like infraworks, and whenever the save command was used, write to the .bak file


it an interesting idea where I extend the time of auto save to prevent crashing and taking time to save during processing of complex project or large data  


@Bert_Douma this post is a couple years after Autodesk changed Autosave. Back in the day, ACAD use to do autosaves on active drawings only. So if you had 2 drawings up, it would only autosave the current drawing based on the timer. But as soon as you switch to the other drawing, the autosave would recognize the time and save before you could do a command.


Now AutoCAD holds to the timer and will start the autosave in the background not mater which drawing is active. You maybe be in a another drawing thinking it is locked up. The current drawing doesn't respond until the autosave is done with the other drawing. I mentioned autosave works in the background, but when it happens sometimes the command line for the background drawing becomes active and stays active even after the autosave. Meanwhile the drawing that you had active before is still showing, but isn't responding to keyboard or mouse clicking. Once you make the background drawing the active drawing, you'll see everything you were typing for the other drawing in that background drawing. This doesn't happen every time, but happens enough to where most of our users have experienced this glitch more than once. The smaller the minutes between autosaves increases the chances of this happening. So most users increase the time or shut off autosave out of frustration. (Our users experience stated is based on 2016, 2018 and 2021)


I agree, Autosave could use more attention with this.

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