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Insert Section View to a Section View Group

Insert Section View to a Section View Group

I would like the ability to insert supplemental Section Views  into a Section View Group after it has already been placed in the dwg. I understand the new section views for the extra sample lines can be added if I delete the section view group and re-insert a new group. 

I would like to have a list of section view groups placed in my dwg based on each sample lines group. Then be able to toggle on/off if that sample line (for that view group) has a section view placed in the dwg or not. Then have the section views "Update" locations when toggles are switched.


This would also allow sample lines to be placed at tighter intervals (useful for corridor inspection - every 5 meters), allow a medium density interval (10m) for volume calcs or a courser (20m) display interval for Cross sections dwgs. All using he same Sample line Group.


This is available in 2018 sp1.1


Ok thx. Good to know. I will just have to look forward to the day when my company and our clients finally catch up to the present. 🙂


The last part of the video:


"Move to section View Group".


Sorry, you don´t need SP1.


The workflow Jerry outlines in the video is indeed useful, but only does the bare minimum of what I'm hoping to accomplish. With Jerry's workflow you would have to manually insert each additional section view as a single then move it in to the Section View Group. Do-able, but tedious. I'll elaborate.


Suppose you've created a corridor with multiple regions, a tight frequency (5m interval + Hor/Vert Geom Pts), multiple additional user picked stations, station overrides, etc so your DTM is smooth and volumes accurate.


Now you create a Sample Line Group at the Corridor Stations - Ensures every station gets a sample line and volumes are extremely accurate.


Here is where I think the workflow needs improvement.


When you start the "Create Multiple Section views" command there should be an option on the dialog to choose a Section View frequency (similar the station options when creating the sample lines and corridor stations) to include only those sample lines from the group that match the frequency parameters.


Sampleline Frequency 1.png

This would allow the easy creation of Section View Groups with specific station frequencies, and inclusion of the special station for Hor/Vert Geom pts. without having to create multiple/separate Sample Line Groups with just the specific stations to suit


Sampleline Frequency 2.png


This operation would hopefully ignore any duplicated station values from either category and only create 1 view per station for the group.


Once the view group is created this is what I’d like to see in the Section View Group Properties dialog


Section View Group Properties.png

The new “Draw View” column would allow the user to toggle on/off the view manually at each sample line station.

The “Reset View Group Drawn Section Views” button would bring up the previous “Section View Frequency” dialog to allow the user to toggle the “Draw View” toggles easier if a different view frequency was required.


Imagine creating a Sample line group at 20m stations and creating a View Group with all those 20m stations. In order to add additional Section Views the user must:

  1. Select/Add the new stations to the Sample Line Group
  2. Delete and reinsert a new Section View Group or
  3. Insert each new Section view as a single then “Add” each one to the existing View Group. 

What if you now want to create the sample lines at 10m intervals – even more work or you create a new Sample Line Group and new Section View Groups.


With my proposed workflow when new sample lines are created in the Sample Line Group they would simply be displayed in the Section View Group – Properties list without a check mark in the “Draw View” column. If the user wanted that station displayed in that Section View Group, just pick the check box.


Done! No more need to create multiple Sample Line Groups with different increments.




There should also be a column in the Section View Group Properties that identifies the Sample Line Name used for the Section View.

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