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Input the superelevation

Input the superelevation

I would like a better input dialog for the superelevation. There are some problems with the current dialog.
1.       It is necessary to insert the superelevation for two times
2.       If you want the German standard in the plan, it is necessary that the name “manual station” is there for only one time. So you must assign a critical station. It is not a good workflow.
3.       For some time, I need more input fields for the superelevation.
Is it possible, to create here a new Dialog with a better possibility for more input and a better workflow?

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Status changed to: Gathering Support

@boehme: can you provide me an example (hand drawn on paper and photoed, or excel file or a sketch on plan) so I understand clearly? You can send me a private message or I can schedule a 1:1 to discuss these if you prefer.




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