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Improving the capabilities of tables Civil3D

Improving the capabilities of tables Civil3D

The Civil3d ideas forum already has an excellent offer. It is approved but not realized yet. I think the creators have a lot of work to implement our ideas. Maybe start making an idea with improving the tables in small steps. Add the minimum line height parameter. The height of the line depends on the size of the letters. The height can differ in tables of the same style. It is inconvenient and does not feel like inscribing the tables in the required dimensions. Although the fields between the frame and the text this can allow. Also, you need to create an option to resolve the conflict parameters. Switch: scale the text, move to the next line, expand the column. For example, if the width of the line does not allow you to enter text.


I tried to show my idea in the pictures below





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I've never understood why width was an option, but height of table cells were not.  Autodesk, please add this!

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