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Improvement of Parcels

Improvement of Parcels

The current method of working with Parcels is extremely cumbersome. There are many ways of subdividing and managing parcels, for example the use of different Sites for different types of parcel areas (overall areas, areas of acquisition and remainder, easements, etc.) or the use of a different Site for each property owner. Unfortunately each method has its own annotation and style "issues" and the dynamic interaction is weak. Regardless of the method used, extra work needs to be done in order to create a table of the parcel area breakdown and managing the Parcel Properties is tedious.


It would be much better if Parcels could maintain a hierarchy or parent/child relationship with all of the subdivisions of the original parcel. I think this would solve a lot of the issues we're having with Parcel annotation and styles and a more robust Parcel Table could be created to handle this relationship. Some of the issues are:


  • The Parcel Styles could be displayed based on the "parent" Parcel instead of the Site. The biggest problem with using the Site to control the display of the Parcel Style is seen best when 2 adjoining parcels share a Parcel Segment and they both need to be displayed with different Styles, similar to the way different Parcel Area Fill styles can be displayed with adjoining parcels. We use a thick colored line to identify remainder and easement areas by owner. If these areas for different owners are in the same Site then only one of the owners parcel gets colored while the other doesn't additional linework must be manually drawn in order to color the area (yes, a different Site can be used per owner but that has different issues).
  • The Parcel Properties and User Defined Properties would be controlled by the "parent" Parcel until the properties of the "child" Parcels are changed, similar to parent/child Label Styles.
  • The Parcel areas could be managed with a new Parcel Property identifying the Area Type, i.e. total, acquisition, remainder or easement areas.
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It would be nice to see alignments have an ROW attached to them so that parcel ROW's would be set by the alignment/corridor "width". It would also be nice to see the parcels dynamically linked to the alignment ROW so that if the alignment is realigned then the parcel will update.

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