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Improve the Custom Reports in SSA

Improve the Custom Reports in SSA

Could improvements be made to the 'Custom Reports' and/or 'Generate Custum Reports'  so when a pdf is made it could be compiled in a more compact format?  Not have one summary per sheet.  It would be better if the program could make better use of space on the page.


For example, (currently) the Subbasin Summary is on one page and node summary is on a separate page, link summary is on a separate page.   And they could potentially all fit on one page.


It would be nice if custom report could automatically generate reports that are more compact (and make better use of space).

Status changed to: Under Review

Thank you for the suggestion. The development team will review it while other customers add feedback and vote on it.


Dont hold your breath. SSA is way low in the totem pole. 

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