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Improve Parcel Property Management

Improve Parcel Property Management

When trying to apply Parcel Properties from one Parcel to a number of other Parcels, the Multiple Parcel Properties tool applies one Style or Property to all of the selected Parcels. This is nice but the interface could use some work. It seems that a tree or spreadsheet interface would be better for this type of application. It would be more useful if the interface had a better Parcel selection method while also having the ability to select multiple Styles & Properties to be applied to the selected Parcels at the same time.


An alternate solution could be to add the ability to export and import the Parcel Properties by way of an ASCII or XML file. Note, a comma delimited file is not a good option because a comma is often used in the property.


Another problem is that the Parcel Properties, in particular the User Defined Properties, do not export to a LandXML file. This would be helpful as well.

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