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Improve BreakLineTool command

Improve BreakLineTool command

When I use the command: BreakLineTool and my surface has several intersection points in the breaklines, it seems that the automatic zoom or [zoom] button doesn´t work fine because it doesn´t do zoom center to the intersection point.


Morevover, I would like to see the intersection points with a "Mark style" or add COGO points in the intersection points.  I would like this option within the BreakLineTool dialog box.

I would like to mark the intersection points with a circle, for example.


And please, number with a label, the total of intersections.


It would be very nice if we could see the lines of the triangles which has been ignored due to the intersections. (we get notifications in the Panorama but we cannot see in the drawing from "transient graphics".



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And "BreakLineTool" command doesn´t consider the intersection with Breaklines and contour data (poylines) from the same surface.


What happens if I add polylines (as contours) and other polylines as breaklines?


We cann´t get the intersection points.

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