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Improve AddSurfaceSlopeLabel.

Improve AddSurfaceSlopeLabel.


If We select a surface, in the riboon we can select "AddSurfaceSlopeLabel" to add labels in the surface.


However, I don´t like the behaviour of this label, because the slope value will always be according to the direction from one picked point to second picked point.


In my case, I always show in these labels the negative slope (direction of the water), and the arrow in that direction.


Now, the direction of the arrow is according to the direction from one point to second point too.


I can´t change this behaviour in the label style.






Perhaps, it would be interesting a new label type, such as AddSurfaceSlopeNegativeLabel... independent of picking the first point and second point.






I'm not exactly sure what you'd like to see, but I suspect that it can be achieved with expressions.


well, I don´t believe that you can change the direction of the arrow (if you don´t change the location of the first and second vertex), and we can make expressions, but.. if I am not wrong, we can´t use conditionals such as:

"if grade>0 then grade=grade*(-1)", to get aways it in negative value.


Ok I haven't tried with a surface, but I use a block for my flow arrow on a featureline and I use this expression to set the rotation of the arrow:


IF({General Segment Grade}>0,pi,0)



The text is the easy part; just set it to "drop sign" so negative and positive look the same. If you want the negative sign, add it in as a text in the text editor.


Try IF({Surface Slope}>0,pi,0)

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