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Ignore temporary links to corridors. (Active Link)

Ignore temporary links to corridors. (Active Link)

There is a tedious task in Civil 3D when we have a polyline or featureline which is being used as a target in one or several corridors.


If the corridors are in automatic update and we want to add/remove some vertex of the polyline /featureLine, corridors will be updated as many times as vertices we removed/added... this is crazy.


I know that the solution in this case is putting the corresponding corridors to "manual update" before editing the FL but I hate doing this every time.


My idea is better than the current solution.


I would like that some objects such as Polylines or FeatureLines (overall FeatureLines), have a boolean property called "Active Link" = Yes/No.


So, if I want to edit the featureLine, I just need to change this FL property (Active Link=No) and all corridors will ignore that entity as a target.


Once I have finished to edit the FL, I change this property to "Active Link=Yes" and the corresponding corridors will be updated.


This is better that trying to find out which corridors have assigned that FL as a target and put them to manual /automatic update.











"Active link" property in the FeatureLine object.


However, Autodesk has a big issue with "ObjectModified" event  (AutoCAD API) which is also used in C3D.


This event doesn´t differenciate if the modification is a graphic modification (for example, if you edit the object style), or if you are editing the geometry of the object.


For example, if you change or edit the alignment style, profile style, FL style, corridor shouldn´t be updated before that edition, because it is only a graphic appearence.


I read that we could identify which property was changed:


But that methodology consumes a lot of resources so I imagine that Autodesk doesn´t do this process.


So, I urge to Autodesk to create  other events such as "ObjectModified_geometry" and "ObjectModified_style" and the corridors just be updated when the "ObjectModified_geometry" was fired.


The second comment deserves to be a separate idea (I'd vote for it).  The only thing that makes the comment relate to the posted idea is that they both deal with corridor updates but other than that, they are (IMHO) separate issues.

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