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IFC export should respect layer setting (frozen/off)

IFC export should respect layer setting (frozen/off)

What's the problem:

When exporting IFC Civil 3D will always export all geometry inside the DWG. Objects on switched off layers or even frozen layers are also exported.


How it should work:

The IFC export should respect the layer state. If an object is on a frozen layer or it is switched off then I don't want to see these objects in the resulting DWG.


Currect workaround (really bad):

Edit the Civil 3D style of the object and switch off all components in that style. If you do so, geometry is not exported to IFC. But you have to assign this "invisible style" to all objects which is annoying.


This is an very important issue and should be solved by Autodesk.


Status changed to: Implemented

The new IFC 4x3 Extension for Civil 3D available from for both Civil 3D 2022 and 2023 has the ability to export all entities, visible entities (based on layer and/or draw style) or the current selection set.

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