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Idea Status

Idea Status

I’ve started to see receive some comments about the status change of items in the Civil 3D Ideas Forum. You’ve added over 1200 great ideas for us to work on and they all won’t be done in a single release.  As part of our daily review process, I’m changing the status of the Ideas to better reflect better the priority you are setting as a community. Over the next few weeks, you’ll be seeing more ideas set to either “Accepted” or “Future Consideration” as well as Ideas set to “Archived” to reflect some new status guidelines for Ideas.


The most controversial status has been “Archived”. I’m setting Ideas to Archived based on their date and the number of votes, starting with the oldest Ideas that have received zero or 1 votes. Archived doesn’t mean we are rejecting the Idea, just that it isn’t on the list of Ideas that the community thinks that we should focus on in the near term.


Below is the typical boiler plate that you may see me add to an Idea:


Accepted – (Active short term development, with no time frame given)

This idea has been vetted by the community and our product teams, and we’ve added it to our development backlog so that it can be considered for future inclusion into Civil 3D. Please note: we cannot confirm how this idea will be implemented, and/or provide a time frame as to when it may be implemented.


Future Consideration – Longer term, moved to Accepted over time

This is a great idea, but the timing isn’t quite right for development consideration in the near term. As such, it is being put on the back burner to be re-visited at a later date. Please continue to comment and add your support.


Under Review – We’re not sure if we can/should do this

Great idea, but it is going to need a deeper look by our development team to determine technical scoping, before potentially moving into our short term development backlog.



Due to a low strategic fit, technical feasibility, or the support of your peers, ideas with this status are not being considered for implementation at this time. Thank you for your contribution, every idea has merit. We always encourage you to rework and resubmit these ideas based on feedback received.



Peter Funk

Sr. Product Manager

Autodesk, Inc.


I partially disagree with the mechanism to catalog the ideas.


Right now, the "C3D Ideastion" platform seems to be a place to expose basic/simple ideas.. The typical new button or command to expand a little the features of a current object in Civil 3D.


All ideas about facing the current limitations of C3D or accomplish new challenges are discarted. It is too many work..  🙂



In fact, this last type of ideas get few kudos in general, due to the "average" user who votes is a beginner and doesn´t understand the "concept" or the idea we want to transmit..


In my opinion, the ideas should also take into account the number of the kudos of the user who added that idea  and the users who vote because they have more  weight in the community.











No one really knows if a person who post an idea is a beginner or an advanced user.  

I have seen ideas accepted even if they are not in top of votes.

I think, and i don't have an answer about this, the key in software development is how the development team understand the needs of the real users which works in real projects.

Many good programmers are able to write code but in reality they don't know much about civil engineering, survey, drainage etc.

So the question is how development team evaluate the suggestions.

Something seems to happens since they decide to incorporate civil 3d with infraworks.

Because before that civil 3d showed like it has stop evaluated.

I have use the last 2017 version. I mostly work with 2013. 

In reality i have not seen something different in newest version that really improve my design workflow.  



RE the Archived status, there are multiple reasons for changing to this status:  technical infeasibility, low community support etc.  I think it would be helpful if some indication were given as to which of these is the case.  If it's a matter a of low community support then if it continues to get votes, then MAYBE it could be brought back again.


@peterfunkautodesk I really appreciate that you are looking at all the ideas. I may not agree with everything that gets said or done about the ideas, but the fact that someone is paying attention is huge.

There have been multiple suggestions on how to make the Ideas page work better so that good ideas don't get buried. For that reason, I appreciate the reason for moving ideas to an 'archived' status. I'm not sure what your age criterion is, but setting the bar at 0 or 1 votes seems conservative enough to me.


Thanks for working with us!



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