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How about FIXING things!

How about FIXING things!

There are many bugs I keep seeing in the forums.
Perhaps Autodesk will actually read this and make some changes:

1. Set PSLTS in the options page in a template and keep it from reverting to 0

2. Set OSNAPZ in the options page in a template and keep it from reverting to 0

3. Set the Survey Module to any horizontal datum and have it remain constant until we reset it

4. when inserting drawings on a geographic coordinate set, have points insert at their ACTUAL xyz coordinates, not reset it to another horizontal datum thus changing the xyz coordinates!! (this ties in with #3) - sometimes with two drawing BOTH set to US Survey Foot, it will somehow convert the inserting dwg file to International foot!

5. make the Rivers & Flood Analysis an OPTIONAL feature at install, for those who use it and those who do not.


I'm sure there are many more bugs that should be easy to fix


And have the forum board keep the formatting as it is typed!!!!!


1 & 2 are easy to fix by creating an ACADDOC.lsp file in your support path.  I'm pretty sure autodesk sees these things as "Works as Designed" not bugs and as such probably won't be "fixed".   (BTW for #1, I assume you mean PSLTSCALE as there is no setting PSLTS that I can find)


  1. Type in OPTIONS.
  2. Choose the FILES tab.
  3. Find "Support Path".
  4. Add a folder that is on your network.  And move it to the top of the list.
  5. Using notepad, create a text file in the folder from step 5.  This text file needs to have the following content.
(setvar "psltscale" 0)
(setvar "osnapz" 1)

PSLTSCALE - of course - how will that keep it from reverting to <0> in the middle of a session?

OSNAPZ is set to <1> as a default, and it sometimes resets itself as well.

These are the things I was talking about. Permanent Global Settings, kept that way until I need to change them.


And another thing: I have my toolbars set up the way I like them, and set in my profile, too. Autocad keeps moving one (yes, just ONE of them) to an area offscreen. If I unlock my toolbars and move any of the others on the same line, there it is! Every freaking day, sometimes more than once.

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