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Healing Pipes in a pipe network

Healing Pipes in a pipe network

We can add a structure to a pipe and it will split the pipe into 2 pipes and connect them to the structure, Sooooo... why doesn't that pipe heal itself if i remove that structure? i think this would be a nice addition to the software.

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I see a few things that would have be dealt with but overall, it would be a useful idea.


  1. What does it do when there are more than 2 pipes?  User will need to ID which pipes to join.
  2. If the two pipes are not at the same slope, the user will need to tell it what to hold.
  3. If the two pipes enter and exit at a non-180 degree angle (in plan view), then should the pipe be altered to connect the starting pt of the incoming pipe to the end pt of the outgoing pipe or should it refuse to allow the join?

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