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Grid View Frame Groups

Grid View Frame Groups

I work with gas pressure pipes that branch off many places and do not follow 1 individual alignment. I usually create my view frames manually for alignment sheets following a grid pattern.  It would be nice to be able to generate viewfames within a closed polyline  or something to that affect. 


_Really_ wish I had this today, a View Frame grid.



The thought that a View Frame Group requires an Alignment is mind-blowing to me.


Further, pViewports should have a 'View Frame' Property in Properties Pane, which user can simply assign, and never have to manually adjust view orientation again... Without PPT.


I work with pipes aswell. We really need an option to create viewframes (so we can fully utilize the sheet set manager) without being restrained to an alignment. There is no way for us to crate drawings based on a single line (alignment), we need to be able to insert viewframes manually.

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