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Granular removal of edits made to a surface.

Granular removal of edits made to a surface.

Right now when I look at the Definition tab of a surface's properties dialog, it shows me a list of all the edits that have been made to the surface.  If a bunch of breaklines were added to the surface at the same time, that is listed as ONE EDIT.  I would like the ability to expand this to see each breakline.  It would also be helpful if I could highlight an individual breakline and see it in the plan view so that I can make sure that I have the correct one selected.  Once selected, I'd like the ability to remove it from the definition vs removing the whole set of breaklines and adding them again.  It would also be helpful if I could add a breakline to one of these sets.


When I add breaklines to the surface -- especially a group of them -- I like to give the group a name.  If a new feauture line is added to the file, that based on the name assigned to the group, I'd like to add it to that group.


I like this one too.  I just posted a wish about "folders" for additions to a surface.  This seems similar.

I would note that, while you can't add to a Breakline Set you can see them in Tool Space under the surface definition.  You can then select a breakline  and zoom to.

I like your idea of being able to add to a Breakline set.  This would accomplish the same thing I am asking for with "folders"


@cwitzel5NL5H, I just read your suggestion and voted for it too.  But I would propose a slight change to it (suggested in the comments).

Status changed to: Under Review

Hi @doni49 ,

Thank you for your idea. One way to accomplish this would be to view the breaklines in Prospector. I understand you're looking for this in the Surface Properties dialog, but thought I'd bring this up as a workaround.




Thanks @TimYarris,  That would be a tolerable work-around for part of the request.  That will allow me to REMOVE a breakline from the surface.  But what about adding a breakline to the surface as part of that particular edit group.  That would be useful for keeping all "Curb breaklines" together and allowing me to create a group of "Sidewalk" breaklines.

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