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grading optimizations...low points

grading optimizations...low points

You need to make an option where we can assign an elevation (or range) to a low point in GO.  Due to the dam height of my pond and length of a pipe run, I need an elevation at my low points in the parking area to be at or above a specific elevation.  I tried using bounded points instead, but while it met the criteria at that specific location, it just shifted the final optimized low point to a new location , which was lower than what I can get to a pond. (And sometimes lower than the dam of my pond.)

I also tried putting two points next to each other, one a Low Point and one a bounded point, but that still didnt work.


The same issue arises in pond bottoms. (See attached)   I regularly am locked into a specific pond bottom elevation due to outfall constraints (in this case 8.30'), but setting a low point seems to ignore the elevation the point has assigned to it, and a bounded point  doesn't prevent the pond from getting lower elsewhere in the pond.

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