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Grading Group Surface (Tessellation spacing is not dynamic..)

Grading Group Surface (Tessellation spacing is not dynamic..)

Once you have created your grading group and its Surface, if you try to edit the value of "Tessellation spacing" (textbox is enabled), Civil 3D doesn´t update the surface.


So, I have seen that we must destroy the grading group surface and create again another one with the properly "tessellation" that we want.




Honestly, this is very annoying because I had already assigned that surface as surface target in some corridors...


Even, I would like an automatic option about "Tessellation spacing" when my FeatureLine has all the same elevations.



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You can make the change to the tesselation spacing, and once you modify a grading object, the spacing will update. I will typically just move the end of one of my gradings a fraction.

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